Expert Perspective

Insight is often the key to a good decision, not complete, superfluous amounts of information. A combination between leadership, vision, insight and decisiveness. We provide insight to our clients in commissioned (research) studies, either theme-related or industry-related, and thus helping our clients take better decisions.

Our Expert Perspective

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Strategic Questions

Two sessions in consultation will help you and the team have insights and answers on your strategic question and need. 

Innovation Opportunities & Challenges

Two sessions in consultation will help you and your team gein access to innovative opportunities for your business and team. 

CSR/Shared Value Implementation

Two sessions in consultation will give you answers on the right steps and processes to implement, modify or adjust your CSR and Shared Value proposition and strategy. 

21st Century Leadership

Two sessions in consultation will give your team the right tips and answers to solve 21st century challenges, build the right behaviour to manage crisis, unclear future and stress. 

Life Science Innovation

Two sessions for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices companies in consultation will give your team the right steps to implement patient-centered and innovative approaches. 

Our Business Transformation Center at The Decision Institute

The Center for Business Transformation develops new thinking and solutions to enable businesses to play a transformative role in a sustainable, innovative and inclusive economy

Discover our Tailored In-House Programs at The Decision Institute

Develop your (new) business, teams and key people is at the heart of our customized programs. Your company needs a unique approach, based on pioneering business school knowhow, business/consulting experience, and a specific didactic vision on education and training. The combination can be made by co-creating coaching and counseling to individuals, teams and groups. State-of-the-art consulting tools and techniques are used; mainly through serious gaming, simulation and the Harvard case method.

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Co-create value

We believe the best results are achieved when we work together throughout a process, leveraging the best of both organisations. We do not like supplier-buyer relationships. We want to work together with large companies as partners.

Focus on tangible results

We’re not in the game of innovation theatre – we focus on creating tangible business results.

Shared risk and rewards

We believe in having aligned interests and sharing risks and rewards. We make this real by offering to re-invest a significant portion of fees into the next phase of pursuing opportunities identified.

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