We are The Decision Group

We have over 25 years’ experience in helping our clients taking better business decisions. Strategy, Governance, Life Sciences and Health are the major areas our expertise . We are working closely with clients to develop breakthrough strategies and achieve tangible results.

We are a Pionering consultancy firm

Founded in 1998, The Decision Group (TDG) led the path to strategic consulting in the field of corporate governance, strategy, life science and health care. Today the company works with national and international partners to develop the best strategic approach and breakthrough strategies. By focusing on rational decision making in an irrational and unpredictable world, the clients will maximize their value. Modelling, gaming and business analysis are some of the cutting edge strategic tools that will help to create de-biased dialogue processes and open the road to transformation.


VBHC implementation projects

Since 2004

Center for life science and health

Since 2008

VBHC Center Europe

Our partners

“Once again, I have been blown away by the professional commitment and passionate engagement from all teams. They are an inspiration to all of us in Ramboll and they play a very important role on our journey to become a digital leader of our industry.”

Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam

Chairman van het Value-Based Health Care Center Europe

Academic Council

The Decision Institute and The Decision Group are affiliated to a large number of universitities and business schools and linked with numerous academics. For both our consulting and our research activities we often contact these people for thorough academic grounding of our theoretic models and validation of our methodologies.

For Students

The Decision Institute organizes workshops and masterclasses for professionals. For each workshop or masterclass we have two free tickets for enthusiastic students/graduates who would like to get to know the company. Apply for the workshop of your choice, by emailing your curriculum vitae and a motivation letter to info@thedecisioninstitute.org

Join Us

Would you like to work in an inspiring company? Learn on the job, visit places you have never seen before and work hard to develop and get the most out of yourself and the others in your team? Join us, to help seasoned professionals build successful companies that create value in our rapidly changing multi-connected world. Would you like more information? Please contact your possible future colleague Mirte van Holsteijn.

Meet our team

We are a diverse and international team, drawn from a range of backgrounds and professional disciplines. We bring a wide range of skills and interests to the work, and we share a love of seeing others develop and grow; both personally, and professionally.

Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam

Chairman van het Value-Based Health Care Center Europe

Steven Buijs, MSc.

Consultant & Program Manager Healthcare

Meagan Jongepier, MSc.

Senior Program Coordinator Health

Annalisa Filomena, MSc.

Consultant & Program Coordinator Strategy & Governance

Mirte van Holsteijn, MSc.

Program manager

Birgit Wijnsma, MSc.

Content Officer

Joyce Vardar, MSc.

Junior Consultant Health

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