LSH Strategy Expertise

“Strategy is the big picture of how the organization is going to win in its environment, whatever that is. Strategy is not competing to be the best. Strategy is competing to be unique” – Prof. Michael E. Porter, MD

Why do you need LSH strategy

The starting point for thinking about strategy is how to be unique and deliver a unique mix of value to the customers. It is about being different, preserving what is distinctive, performing different activities from rivals, or performing similar activities in different ways.

Business Planning

We can help you deal with:

  • Organizational challenges
  • Responding to changing landscapes in life science and health
  • Guarenteeing quality
  • Guarenteeing privacy
  • Guarenteeing safety
  • Medical condition specific strategies


We can help you with:

  • Building an infrastructure for a hospital, a department, or a network (for example between hospitals)
  • Guarenteeing qualitative and quantitative data infrastructure
  • Facility challenges in infrastructure
  • Financial infrastructure


We can help you create:

  • Financial models
  • Financial models optimization
  • Financial impact (ROI, CAPEX, OPEX, NAW)

Find out how we can help your company grow.

Latest projects

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October 21, 2021

Corporate Governance Program VINCI Energies

September 2, 2021

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May 27, 2021

Partner with us

The Decision Institute

The Decision Institute is a pioneering business school with in-depth knowledge and experience in academic teaching, research and action learning. The Decision Institute offers tailor-made in-house programs, executive education, masterclasses, workshops and doctorate programs in the field of life sciences, health, strategy, and corporate governance. The Decision Institute has 5 research and innovation centers. The center for Life Science and Health provides Tips, Advice, and Answers on all different types of disciplines.

Worldwide Business Opportunities

We create and help pursue worldwide business opportunities and give insights based upon our strategic ecosystem of partners and academic networks.

21st Century Strategic Leadership

Tips, advice and answers on dealing with strategic decisions under uncertain scenarios will help you find your breakthrough approach and implement your strategic ambition.

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