ROSIA – Remote RehabilitatiOn Service for Isolated Areas

Source: ROSIA 

ROSIA (which stands for Remote RehabilitatiOService for Isolated Areas), will deliver a comprehensive service to patients in need of rehabilitation, enabled by cutting-edge technology, new care pathways and community support.

About this project

ROSIA wants to pave the way for an extensive deployment of the self-care model for long-term conditions and disabilities by first focusing on rehabilitation. Supported self-care and self-management is a key component of rehabilitation.

ROSIA works towards making self-managed care through telerehabilitation possible with technology and a tailored, integrated care pathway.

€9 M

Will be invested


Companies expressed interest in participating in the design

The project

ROSIA proposes to generate a flexible and scalable value-based model of care, organized around self-management, or self-care of rehabilitation at home, designed from a tailored integrated care model which optimizes the quality of care and the use of clinical resources. Also a strong implication of the community is needed. This model of care is extensive in its use of technology: disruptive solutions at home, data driven interventions, and an open platform for third party solutions that integrates timely and effective communication.

Our role

The Decision Group has bundled the existing information to write a methodology based on the principles of Value‐Based Health Care by Harvard Professors Porter, Teisberg and Kaplan, and have had a lot of feedback from international colleagues. The methodology is based on starting the dialogue with medical professionals, care providers and executives on Patient Value. With practical tools, workshops and pressure‐cooker sessions, a hands‐on approach is provided to ‘change’ the view of the organization and its employees.