The Value Agenda for The Netherlands

To stimulate the generation of actions to take VBHC implementation to the next level, The Decision Group, Amgen and Awell Health organize a yearly VBHC Working Session with 25 key decision makers in Dutch health care. The Working Session has one primary goal: to accelerate VBHC implementation in the Netherlands by creating the right climate for VBHC initiatives to flourish.

In 2017 Harvard professor Michael Porter, founding father of VBHC, set out the Value Agenda for the Netherlands. In 2018, Dr. Bohmer and Prof. Cripps carried the torch, setting the Value Agenda for the Netherlands for 2018, emphasizing the need for leadership and culture. During the third edition of the VBHC Working Session in 2019, founding mother of VBHC Prof. Elizabeth Teisberg inspired and helped to formulate the next actions to stimulate the right climate and therefore should be on the Value Agenda for the Netherlands. The fourth edition of the VBHC Working Session in 2021 marked the turning point, where we started to move the conversation towards paying for value. With a multidisciplinary group of professionals and leaders in healthcare in The Netherlands, the Working Session resulted in new insights in the controversial topic that paying for value is.

The fifth edition of the VBHC Working Session took place on the 11th of May 2022. The group set of health care professionals delved further into the urgent and complex topic paying for value and formulated answers to three questions: What should be included in contracts between health insurers and healthcare providers to pay for value? What is needed at the national level from a policy perspective to enable value-based contracts? And: what other advice or tips do attendees have regarding paying for patient outcomes, rewarding and encouraging innovation, and/or integrated care?

The Working Session resulted in new insights, recommendations and (pre-)conditions, to be found in the Value Agenda report. The Value Agenda for the Netherlands report sets aside the 10 main accelerators to be able to Pay for Value.

The Value Agenda NL report 2022 is now available. Click here to read the full report

About the project

There is a commitment to move towards VBHC among health care providers in the Netherlands. A number of excellent initiatives promoting VBHC have already been developed. The next challenge is to implement these practices on a large scale.

Since the appearance of the first Value Agenda for the Netherlands in 2017, much progress has been made on the agenda and the agenda undeniably has had a huge positive impact on patient value.


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Value Agenda 2022 - News

The Value Agenda NL Working Session 2022 will take place the 11th of May, 2022. All the information about the Value Agenda NL Working Session can be found in this section of the website and will be announced on our social media channels.



The Decision Group is proud to partner with Awell Health and Amgen, two content-based organizations that are pioneering in value-based healthcare initiatives. Awell Health has taken huge steps towards value-based healthcare, by creating and implementing digital care pathways to improve care team productivity, lower costs and deliver better outcomes for patients. Amgen creates value by focusing on the needs of patients, serving them by transforming science and biotechnology into therapies that restore health and save lives. It is a great opportunity to work together with a team of experienced partners that strive to keep moving forward the Value Agenda NL.