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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Value Based Healthcare?Value-Based Health Care supports health management, clinical management and health decision making.’ – Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam. By using Core Concepts, a set of tools and tackling challenges, patient value is increased.’
  • Where can I apply for the VBHC implementation programs?You can apply for all VBHC implementation programs on Executive Education – The Decision Institute.’
  • What can VBHC implementation contribute to my organisation?In the past ten years an increasing number of people throughout the world, including health providers, health insurers, industry and patient organizations, have embraced the VBHC concept. Implementing the VBHC concept to create excellent patient value is happening more and more. Knowledgeable and passionate VBHC experts are needed in implementing VBHC.’
  • How can I join the VBHC Community?You can join the VBHC Community here: Membership – Value Based Health Care ( With over 6000 active community members, the VBHC Community is constantly growing worldwide.’
  • When did VBHC implementation originate?Michael E. Porter, MD came up with the idea of Value Based Healthcare in 2005. He saw that healthcare systems were not functioning efficiently and effectively. VBHC Center Europe implements VBHC since 2008 with close collaboration between Prof. Michael E. Porter, MD in the USA and Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam in Europe.’

The Decision Institute 

The Center for Health & Life Sciences is a nonprofit research and education organization, with big focus on Value-Based Healthcare Implementation. The mission of the Center is to share best practices, advice healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical/med-tech industry,  healthcare insures policymakeres, and to implement innovative frameworks to improve patient value. The Center for Health and Life Sciences provides Tips | Advice | Answers on all different types of disciplines and medical conditions, but all with the aim to increase value for patients.

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VBHC Center Europe

VBHC Center Europe wants to enable medical professionals, academic professionals, patient organizations, educators, healthcare managers, government officials, health insurers, and industrial innovators to start the discussion about VBHC, by providing a platform where visitors and members can learn about the VBHC concepts and best practices (by VBHC.TV, VBHC Thinkers Magazine, academic papers, etc.)  as well as opportunities, to form national and international academic councils around themes and chapters of interest.

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