Dealing with Fraud

Prof. Dr Fred van Eenennaam & Hagar Michael If it’s too good to be true, it’s pprobably not true: business controls are important with decentralized units. Hence, when dealing with innovation, make sure to always keep an eye on the governance management. The Breakthrough Gerard van de Aast was appointed as a board member of […]

The Future of Hospitality

Interview with Giovanna Manzi by Stefania Ferrario – Strategy Consultant at Strategique & Researcher of Strategy and Competitiveness at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness (LIUC) The old-fashioned “bed and breakfast” hotel, as a product, as a design, as market positioning will disappear. We need a reorganization of the hospitality offered in quantitative but also […]

Responsible Business without Trade-Offs

Interview with Professor E. Freeman by Annalisa Filomena – Strategy Consultant, The Decision Group The companies that are successful have figured out how to keep trade-offs out of their business models and integrate economic, financial, social, political, environmental and ethical issues. Win-win thinking is much more important in driving your business through the crisis. The […]

Predicting Economic and Business Cycles. 11 tips for business leaders to stay competitive.

Interview with Professor Dr Bert de Groot – Head of Business Economics, Governance and Strategic Investments Program,  Director Erasmus University Holding by Annalisa Filomena – Strategy Consultant, The Decision Group Professor dr. Bert de Groot is COO & CRFO of Erasmus Universiteit Holding BV and has several supervisory board positions. Furthermore, De Groot holds the […]

Reshaping the future: Action and Purpose against Covid-19

On March 11, 2020, Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Uncertainty reigned, and governments, businesses, institutions, and individuals asked what this shift would mean for them. How would the SARS-CoV-2 virus reshape our society and lives in the days, weeks and months to come? Without doubts, pandemics have always changed history […]