Unfolding Tech Vectors

Interview with Hylke Sprangers – CTO | CIO | Advisor | Owner of the Company Mount Holland by Annalise Filomena, Consultant – The Decision Group 1. How is tech impacting our world order? Certainly, it is extremely difficult to predict the future. However, the best way to do that is to look at tech innovation […]

Turning Green

Written by Dr. Federica Belfanti(Strategy Consultant at Strategique (Italy), Post-doc Researcher and Lecturer of Strategy and Competitiveness at LIUC) Climate change and ecological transition are nowadays two of the most urgent issues at the center of both national political debate and strategic agendas of some of the most important companies in the world. The goal […]

Are you ready to compete in a phygital world?

Written by Prof. Fernando G. Alberti(Head of Strategique, Italy and Full Professor of Strategic Entrepreneurship at LIUC University) We live an on-life existence, in an everyday life suspended between online and offline.A new post-pandemic existence in which the boundary between the real and virtual world has now completely collapsed, also and above all when it comes to the supply system […]