Defining an international set of health outcomes

The Decision Group and a leading academic hospital in The Netherlands defined an international set of health outcomes to create one language for all people involved in improving hemophilia-care. Based on Porter’s Outcomes Measures Hierarchy. ICHOM compliant outcome set. Representing true care ‘results’ over a full cycle of care. Includes patients’ view and involvement. Enables […]

Corporate Governance Program VINCI Energies

The Decision Group/The Decision Institute has developed a tailored program on Corporate Governance as part of the Management Development Program at VINCI Energies. VINCI Energies is  one of the major players in the areas of infrastructure, industry, ICT, and building solutions focused on  two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition About this […]

The Value Agenda for The Netherlands

To stimulate the generation of actions to take VBHC implementation to the next level, The Decision Group partners with pioneering organizations in the VBHC field to organize a yearly VBHC Working Session with 25 key decision makers in Dutch health care. The Working Session has one primary goal: to accelerate VBHC implementation in the Netherlands […]

Measurably Better – measuring outcomes in cardiology

Measurably Better is a scientifically based program using patient relevant medical outcome indicators in a physician-driven and patient-centered manner to improve quality and transparency of healthcare in the participating cardiac centers. It is one of the most inspiring European initiatives in Value-Based Health Care.  About this project By using a solid scientific basis, Meetbaar Beter […]

ROSIA – Remote RehabilitatiOn Service for Isolated Areas

Source: ROSIA  ROSIA (which stands for Remote RehabilitatiOn Service for Isolated Areas), will deliver a comprehensive service to patients in need of rehabilitation, enabled by cutting-edge technology, new care pathways and community support. About this project ROSIA wants to pave the way for an extensive deployment of the self-care model for long-term conditions and disabilities by first focusing on rehabilitation. Supported […]